10 Signs That Your Friend Is A Dancer!

Are you not a dancer? How’d you find our little corner of paradise here? Well, however you did it, WELCOME!! Chances are, you found your way to our site by searching for something having to do with your friend who happens to be a dancer! Am I right? You’ve found yourself reading quite a funny post if I do say so myself, which I do, because I wrote it.

So your friend’s a dancer, huh? Well, you a re one lucky person. Dancers are passionate, kind and very fun to be around. But, you already knew that! This list is a way for you to gain a little insight into the strange little world of dance that your friend lives in. These are some things that’ll sound familiar and some things will finally make some sense to you. Here are:

10 Signs Your Friend Is A Dancer.

1. Even when they’re “not flexible”, they’re SCARY flexible!

Sometimes you’re worried that they’ll snap into pieces from how weirdly they can contort their body! You’ve probably asked yourself: “Are they made of rubber or elastic?”,  “Are we really sure they even have bones?”. Or thought: “Feet belong on the ground and not behind their ear.”, “That’s just not natural”, “That can’t feel good!”. Fear not, friend. They’ve been training for a long time and know how to prevent from hurting themselves. You’re such a good friend for being so concerned.

2. “I can’t, I have rehearsal, class, a recital, a show, etc.”

You feel like you see them all the time but, at the same time, you NEVER get to see them because of their dancing. Of course you want them to skip it and hang out with you but, you know that they’re doing what they love. And what kind of friend would stand in the way of that? Good for you! You definitely cherish whatever time you do get to hang out.

3. From a friend, to a dancer, to a critic.

When was the last time that you two sat and watched a music video or dance number without your friend giving a very detailed explanation about everything wrong with what you just watched? Can’t remember? Yeah, that’s because they can’t help but watch any type of dance routine as anything other than a dancer or choreographer. It’s basically impossible for them to watch any kind of dance as a plain jane (or john) like everyone else. But admit it, you kind of get a kick out of how worked up they get over the tiniest detail that no one else would ever notice. And that’s one of the many things about them that you can’t help but love. Awww…

4.  There’s a dance routine for everything.

… and you’re thinking, “MAKE IT STOP!!”. They always feel the need to learn a dance routine you’ve just watched or create a routine to a song you two like. And God forbid a song comes on that they’ve danced to in the past. If you’re anywhere nearby, you better believe that you’re going to be dragged into learning that routine. And what’s the funniest thing about this situation? The thousands of inside jokes that come from the incorrect moves and hilarious “rehearsals” between you two will become lasting memories that’ll keep you two laughing for years. Here’s another thing to admit: You totally mess up on purpose sometimes just to get a rise out of them, don’t you? I thought so.

5. Sandals? No, thank you.

It sounds silly but, I’m sure you been there the many times that your friend has refused to put on a pair of sandals even when it’s blazing outside. And why is that so? It’s because of a little thing called “dancer’s feet”. Those of you who know what that is, congratulations and our condolences. Dancer’s are on their feet more than the average human really should be. But, they do it for art! So, don’t make them feel silly if they don’t want to show off their battle scars. If they’re proud of them, more power to them! Either way, no sandals shaming!

6. The body bruise suit.

“Ummm… What the heck happened to you?”, you’ve asked this more than a few times after seeing a nasty bruise, haven’t you? Well, that’s another glamorous thing a dancer has to deal with on a daily basis. Funny thing about bruises, you’d think that you’d be able to pinpoint where each one comes from. Most of the time though, your friend won’t even be able to guess when or where they could’ve gotten it. Here’s a fun idea: when their birthday is coming up, get them a scarf or a blouse that’s either, black, purple or blue! That way, their “rehearsal polka dots” will blend right in!

7. Their internet history.

Have you ever seized the opportunity to snatch your friend’s phone and take a quick look through it? Most people will take friend’s phone to post a weird Facebook status or Instagram photo. But, you’re playing in a completely different ballgame if the phone belongs to a dancer.

If you have, you’ve probably found some weird things. For one thing, most of their YouTube watch and search histories are all ballets and other dances. Their Pinterest is covered in photos of dancers, inspirational quotes and pre/post workout snack hacks. And that’s not even the weird stuff like the stretching hacks or the aches and pains healing tips. Despite seeing the depths of their strange little world, you’re still there. Good for you.

8. “I’m SO hungry!” *eats the entire pizza and then wants to drive-thru”.

How is it even possible for them to eat 3x their weight and stay thinner than a flagpole?! What you don’t get to see is how much physical labor they go through in a day. All of that exercise is going to lead to a hearty appetite. Just because they have a large appetite, doesn’t mean that they’re not eat nutritiously. They take very good care of themselves but, they won’t hesitate to cheat every once in a while. So, beware. If you offer a bite, they WILL take it. As scary as it may be to eat at the same table as them, it’s a hilarious trait that you can’t help but smile about.

9. Snap, crackle, pop.

No, we’re not talking about Rice Krispies cereal. Snap, crackle and pop are the noises that your friend’s joints like to make on an uncomfortably regular basis. You two could be at a coffee house, out for dinner, at each other’s houses or at the movies when it happens. When you first met them and this happened, you probably said something along the lines of, “Oh jeez! What was that?! Are you okay?!” to which they laughed. And over time, you’ve gotten used to this little circus trick. But, when a new friend comes into the group, you revel in the surprise on their face when it happens to them for the first time. It could actually be a great way to initiate new friends into your group!

And Finally…

10. Dance like nobody’s watching.

Whenever you go over to their house, you’re silently begging and praying that you’ll walk in on them dancing like a goofball and then turn around surprised to that you’ve just witnessed all of it. It may have happened once or twice but, you’re always up for another good laugh. And you hope that once you’ve caught them, everything will turn into the teen summer movie aesthetic with you joining in, dancing with your best friend until the screen fades to black and the credits roll. Seeing your friend goof off is reassuring that they’re not pushing themselves too hard. They still love what they do and, with you there, they’re not afraid to show it.

Being friends with a dancer is a one in a million experience. You’re there for the good times, the missteps and the triumphs. You’re the friend waiting in the lobby to give a big congratulatory hug after the recital. You may not know the ins and outs of the dance world but, you know something special when you see it. You’re a very, very good friend.