Having a little girl to dress in a frilly, pink tutu and dance like a fairy is the dream of so many women who someday want children of their own. When people think of ballet dancers, two types of people come to mind: 1.) Professional dancers with perfectly toned bodies like Misty Copeland and 2.) Little girls in bright tutus dancing in a line at a small recital. And really, that’s where a great number of those previously mentioned professionals got their start. There are so many benefits to starting ballet at such a young age that are quite often overlooked. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the wonderful things about having a baby ballerina.

“When’s Ballet Day?”

Having activities to involve your kids in is a great way to keep them moving, thinking and growing. For many girls and boys around the world, they have ballet class once or twice a week that they very much look forward to. Parents of these children will often hear,¬†“When’s ballet day?” “Is today ballet day?” “Do I have ballet today?”. They wait all week to dance and they can’t wait until they next time they get do it again!

Mom & Dad’s Little Princess

From a very young age, most little girls idolize princesses and ballerinas and want to be just like them. So, it’s fitting that a children’s ballet class would be where they go. Being able to dance to beautiful music and wear a pretty tutu can make a little girl feel like the most special girl in the entire world. They suddenly know these poses that they didn’t know before. They’re able to dance in front of an audience and listen to the applause when they’ve finished. For a little girl, being a ballerina is like being a princess on a stage. And what parent wouldn’t¬†want that for their child?

When a Hobby Becomes a Passion

It’s normal to participate in some sort of extra curricular activity as a child and then grow up to do something completely different. But, every once in a while, a small spark ignites a child’s passion and ends up lasting a lifetime. Many of the world’s most famous ballet dancers started their careers as early as 5 years old! So, sometimes their enthusiasm is more than just that. Sometimes, a parent is actually witnessing the birth of their child’s life long dream. Parents, be patient. Your little one may be doing pirouettes across the living room floor at all hours of the night. She might be holding onto the kitchen counter to use as her barre. Take these as signs of a true love for the dance. Be happy that you were able to help your little one find something they truly enjoy. Remember this the next time you want a little peace and quiet!

Baby’s Ballet Friends

Class friends are always some of the best friends. When a child comes home from school, one of the first things they talk about is their friends. The things they said to their friends, the things their friends said to them, the funny things they did together, and on and on and on. Ballet friends are the same way but, even more amplified! All of these little ones are together doing something that they truly enjoy together. So when class lets out for the day, they can’t stop talking about all of the fun they had with their teacher and their friends. For those who continue to practice ballet as they grow, many of those friends remain in their lives for years and that’s something that not many people experience in their lives. Ballet friends truly are the best.

Growing and Learning and Learning and Learning

As children grow, they learn different life skills and behaviors and it’s true that some mature faster than others. Often times, children who study ballet learn the values of patience, focus and discipline at an earlier age than their peers. Studying ballet offers the child an outlet for their energy while simultaneously teaching them to focus that energy into their dance. They learn patience through the progress they make with their abilities. They learn focus by paying attention to their instructor and working on specific parts of their training. They learn discipline when they listen to their instructor and participate in class as they’re expected to. These three principles help all children grow and develop as people.

At the End of the Day…

A good ballerina is a happy ballerina.