Dancers Are the Best People EVER and Here’s Why.

Are dancers insanely talented people? Yes. Do they show endless amounts of passion and dedication to their craft? You bet. But, those aren’t the only reasons why dancers are the best people in the world. Here are some great reasons why you should consider having one or two dancers in your friend group!

1. They’re Always Willing to Save You a Seat!

When you and your friends go out on the town, there’s a small chance that you may end up somewhere with a waiting list and little to no sitting room. Now, imagine that a few seats miraculously open up but, you suddenly need to run to the ladies room.

“Hey, do you mind saving a few seats until i get back?” you ask.

“No problem!” your friend replies.

BAM! She breaks out into the splits which shocks and amazes everyone there. Your group is now the talk of the night and all because you’re friends with a dancer who can make simple favors extraordinary!

2. They’re Committed No Matter What!

And this doesn’t just apply to going to dance class or recitals. When a dancer says they’ll do something, they do it. You’ll quickly learn that being friends with someone who dances means being friends with someone who will have your back day in and day out.

Need help with homework? If they say they can help, they will.

Don’t want to go to an appointment alone? If they agree to go with, they’ll go with.

No matter what, once they’ve made a commitment to your friendship, they’ll see it through. It might be tough at times with rehearsals, classes, recitals and competitions getting between you from time to time. But, rest assured that you’re friends with one of the most sensitive, kind and compassionate kinds of people in the world. Dancers are artists; which means that they feel emotions very strongly. And that includes the love that they have for your friendship.

3. They’re Always Full of Surprises!

When you two first become friends, you may have some preconceived notions or assumptions about the life and mannerisms of a dancer. But, after some time and getting to know them better, you’ll soon see that dancers are just the same as everyone else. Do dancers always stick to a perfectly healthy diet? Do we always get adequate sleep? Is a daily workout outside of class even a thing?

Dancers are not superhuman beings unable to make a mistake or slack-off a little like the average joe. In fact, dancers are among those who will jump at the chance to sit around all day. That’s probably because they’re literally on their feet all day, everyday.

So, when she plops down next to you at the lunch table with an overly-filled food tray and says that there’s no class tonight, applaud them and allow them to indulge. Because chances are, they don’t get to gorge themselves very often.

Bon Appetit!

4. They Can Entertain You With The Song of Their People…

Just ignore the fact that this photo is for gymnasts because this 199% applies to dancers as well. Dancers have the strange, intriguing and shocking ability to snap, crackle and pop all of their joints at a moment’s notice. Watch passersby gasp with amazement and disgust at the sounds that their bodies can make!

One perk of having a dancer for a friend is the countless pranks that you two can play on people with those noises! Maybe pretend to not hear it or act like it really did hurt; use your imaginations! Needless to say, this is only one many talents your dancer buddy will show you.

5. Every Task is a Show!

No explanation necessary.










6. They Can and WILL Tell Off the Dumb Jocks!

And to wrap up what only touches the surface of why dancers are the best, we leave you with this: