Happy National Dance Day!

According to the calendar, July 29th is the U.S.’s annual National Dance Day! While this isn’t a widely observed day like your more traditional holidays, we think it should be! We are a dance academy, after all! So, let’s a look back a dance through the ages!

Since the earliest of times, people have been greatly entertained by another’s ability to dance; to express emotion or tell a story through movement. Theatrical entertainments began as early as the Ancient Roman Empire with plays being put on for royalty and nobles. While these plays were not musical and involved little to no dancing, true ballet did not begin to appear until the Italian Renaissance in the 15th Century. As it grew in popularity, it began to be studied and developed in France where many of it’s technical terms are now based.

As the age went on, ballet and many other forms of dance began to evolve and grow more popular with larger audiences. Once Hollywood finally added sound to films, they mad their first musical, The Jazz Singer. This film is full of song and dance and only grew the popularity of dance in the mainstream. The 1950’s and 60’s saw countless movie musicals being produced and adapted for the stage. While the movie musical genre is a well-known form of dance entertainment, the dance found on Broadway and Ballet have never been more respected and competitive. Young men and women train from some of the earliest years of their lives all in the hopes of reaching the top of the dance world. With all of this history and adoration for the dance world, what are you going to do to celebrate National Dance Day? Will you take out your favourite concert dvd and binge watch a Russian ballet? Will you and your friends choreograph your own dance? Maybe you’ll venture out of your comfort zone and post a dancing video on YouTube! Who knows!

Any way that you do it, do it with all your heart! That’s what dance is all about anyway!

Passion ~ Dedication ~ Artistry