How to Treat Your Dancing Feet!

They call them Twinkle Toes but, really…

Dancers are tough on their feet. This is no secret; this is no surprise. All of this rehearsal and constant exercise can really wear down your feet. Dancer’s feet or, as dancers love to refer to them, ugly feet are a constant topic for jokes. Every dancer has their own tricks to take care of their feet but, there are some that our readers may not know about! So today, we’ve gathered a list of some great tips for preventing damage and repairing damage you may experience during your dance career. Some are pretty well-known while others might surprise you. You’ll thank us later!

1. Barre Balm

This aromatherapy stick balm is a sensation in the dance community! After a long day of rehearsal, use this balm by applying it to the bottoms of your feet and putting on a pair of socks. Get off your feet and relax as the balm cools and soothes your aching feet.

2. Tennis Ball

This one is more well-known but, it never hurts to remind people about it!

A favourite for just about everyone, rolling a tennis ball along the bottoms of your feet is one of the most effective ways of working out any small, tight kinks and knots you may have worked up during a rehearsal or performance.

3. Frozen Water Bottle

A similar concept to the tennis ball, rolling a frozen water bottle along the bottoms of your feet is extremely soothing to feet that need a little extra TLC. If you’ve pulled a muscle or feel a bit too sensitive to work out the kinks with a tennis ball, do this. The cold temperature will help soothe some of the pain and relax your muscles for a bit.

4.  Foot Alignment Socks

During rehearsals, your feet are constricted in very tight shoes which decreases circulation! Oh no! Well, have no fear! Alignment socks are here! Foot alignment socks are made with toe separators which will help increase circulation and improve the overall health of your feet. Poor foot health can effect not only your feet but your knees, hips, back AND neck! So, wearing these for a minimum of 15 minutes after rehearsal will help keep your feet in great shape.

5. Legs Up!

Laying on your back with your legs straight up against the wall is a great way to come down after an intense dance session. After being on your feet all day, putting your legs up like this help increase circulation and lowers your blood pressure! Not only is this a great way to get off your feet but, the lower blood pressure helps you wind down and relax for the night. Who can say no to that?

Remember that dance is not only about giving it your all, it’s about being the best you can by treating yourself in the best ways possible. So, take good care of yourself.

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