Ballet Technique

  • Class starts with floor barre (development of professional skills)
  • Introducing the elementary exercises for mastering the placement of body, legs, arms, and head
  • Studying movements at the barre and in the center, simple allegro
  • Developing elementary skills of the coordination of steps, musicality and expression of port de bras
  • Elementary studying of demi-turns and turns on both legs.


• Technique for proper pointe work
• Individual evaluation of each student for the timing of wearing pointe shoes
• The feet, ankles, turnout, back and abdominal muscles must be strong enough to stand on pointe correctly without the risk of injury to the student.


Dress code


• Pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet shoes
• Color coded alignment belts are assigned
• Pointe shoes must be approved by teaching staff
• For colder weather, tight fitting leg warmers are acceptable for barre work.


• Black tights, white T-shirt or tank leotard, black ballet shoes