Master Class Day 2: Samuel Opsal & Anthony Rosario

Wednesday 7/26 will be Day 2 of Plainfield Dance Academy’s amazing Master Class week featuring various special guest instructors! Let’s see who tomorrow will bring us!

Samuel Opsal

Originally from Pullman, WA, Samuel Opsal started dancing at 16 years old. As time has gone by, Opsal made his way to the Ballet 5:8 company in Chicago in 2016.
According to his introductory interview on, Opsal states, “It is hard for me to define my love of dance. On one level there is a joy that I feel when I am dancing that is related to pushing my body’s limits. Mentally I also like the challenge that dancing provides, and the continuous struggle to improve.”


Anthony Rosario

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Rosario came to the U.S. when he was 3 years old and began ballet at the age of 16. At the Ballet Hispanico, he studied bellet, flamenco, jazz, Latin jazz and modern! Wow!
In his interview with, he is asked about how he portrays emotion through dance, “You have to feel (the music) within yourself – if you disconnect yourself or even if you’re on the music and still don’t give your all with the music you won’t be “one” and then it looks kind of separate. I’ve seen dancers – they’re with the music but for some reason it looks disconnected.”

Plainfield Dance Academy is very excited to welcome these two incredible performers to teach our pupils from all of their years of experience.

Passion ~ Dedication ~ Artistry