Leg-Warmers, Hats & Scarves! Oh My!

It’s been mentioned on this blog before, the importance of taking care of your body as the weather changes. Well, with the temps dropping somewhat rapidly at P.D.A., we’d like to reiterate the significance of bundling up!

Did You Know…

That it’s much harder for your body to fight viruses if it isn’t at the appropriate temperature? Basically, if you’re colder, it’s a lot harder for your body to fight off the cold and other illnesses. Though it’s yet to be confirmed in the medical field, many studies on this very topic have, indeed, proven this to be true.

What Should You Do?

Layer up! Wearing multiple layers makes it harder for the cold air to get trapped within the fabric of your clothing. The more layers, the more your body has protecting it to store it’s natural heat. More clothing = a warmer body = a healthier you! Now take a look at today’s title. Leg-warmers, hats and scarves are the holy trinity of keeping warm and that’s what we’re going to focus on today.


Did You Know…

That nearly 53% of people in the U.S. complain about having cold feet? And we’re not just talking about wedding jitters!

The lower parts of your body actually harbors more heat than you might give it credit for. Obviously, when the weather changes, it’s a good idea to throw on some cozy boots but, going the extra mile won’t do you any harm! Sometimes, wearing warm shoes just isn’t enough and that heat from your feet still finds a way to escape, leaving you feeling cold anyway! By throwing on some leg-warmers, you’re giving your legs a chance to trap that feet heat and give you one less thing to worry about.


Did You Know…

That a large portion, nearly 40%, of your body heat is lost through your head?

That’s why it is so imperative that hats need to be worn once the weather starts changing. Not only will you be preventing body-heat loss but, hats (when worn properly) are a great way to protect your ears from the harsh, cold winds. When your ears are exposed to winds below 40 degrees, the chances of ear-aches and migraines rise significantly. So, do yourself a favor. Go to the mall, pick out a few nice but function-able hats and do your thing!


Did you Know…

Everyone carries the cold and flu viruses but, those who keep their noses and throats warm are less likely to show symptoms? It’s true!

Do scarves have the ability to be insanely fashionable? Of course! But, they can be so much more! Right now, the weather isn’t so severe that you need to cover your nose. So, we’ll focus on the throat for a moment. Keeping your throat warm will help you prevent injury to your vocal chords. And while this isn’t a singing blog, it is important to keep your throat healthy regardless. Sore throats and voice- loss are caused by stretching cold muscles. Keeping your throat warm will prevent this type of injury and prevent some of those cold viruses from taking hold!

When the weather turns even colder, covering your nose will not only keep you warmer, longer but it will also keep you from inhaling more of those nasty seasonal viruses. It also makes for a helpful shield should someone nearby cough or sneeze!

What does all of this medical jargon have to do with being a dancer? Well, your body is your instrument. And you want to keep yourself in the best shape possible, don’t you? So, keep yourself nice and bundled up!