Pinterest: A Dancer’s Best Friend

Here We Go with the Internet Again…

If you haven’t gotten on board with Pinterest yet, what are you waiting for?! Pinterest is single-handedly THE website that can help you with pretty much anything you can think of. For those whose passions focus in the arts, Pinterest has all sorts of tips to help you hone your craft in an easier way. With DIYs (“do it yourself”), home remedies for various ailments, and other helpful suggestions, dancers have taken Pinterest to a whole new level.

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Being a dance academy always seeking to find helpful tips for our students, we’ve done quite a lot of searching on the site. Here are some of our favourite searches you should try:

  1. Ballet Dance Bag

    Feel like your dance bag is lacking the necessities? Do this search and get all sorts of dance bag inspo. that will blow you away!

  2. Ballet (or) Dance Memes

    “Only dancers will get this…” “You have to be a dancer to understand…” That’s pretty much the kind of humour you’ll find under this one!

  3. Food for Dancers

    What are the best possible choices for pre-workout and post-workout? What should dinner be when you get home from a long rehearsal? Begin your search now!

  4. Gifts for Dancers

    Not only will you find great gifts for friends but, you’ll find some great items and shops for yourself too!

  5. Ballet Backstage

    Artists are inspired by the work and lives of other artists. The same goes for dancers. The images you see in this search will inspire you as you visualize the pulse and the energy flowing backstage, behind the curtain.

Utilize what Pinterest has to offer! Join the world of dance on Pinterest!

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