Pre-Performance Traditions

Tonight’s the Summer Showcase!

Performances begin at 7pm!

With the energy and excitement that’s overwhelmed our academy in waiting for tonight’s performance, there are many things to do like setting up the stage, position the lights, queue up the tracks for different numbers, check costumes, etc. There is one thing, however, that happens before each performance that remains sacred and secretive amogst the performers.

Pre-Performance Traditions

Every sport has their set of traditions. Hockey players avoid the number 13, basketball players don’t wash their socks, swimmers tuck a lucky charm into the suits. Well, dancers have their own set of traditions which can vary from dancer to dancer. But, what is the point of these rituals? Performers and athletes are very superstitious by nature. Sometimes, a superstition is based on an event of pure coincidence: Susan ate a banana before the show and had the performance of her life! It looks like Susan’s going to be eating a banana before each show from now on! Or a superstition has been passed down for countless years: Stage actors believe that saying the name Hamlet will bring bad luck upon the theatre and doom the show forever unless someone stands outside the theatre and names three other Shakespeare plays.

Sure, performance traditions may seem silly. But, the idea of special rituals before a performance is a time honoured tradition. So to our dancers going on tonight, revel in your traditions. Know how special you and your traditions are. And…

Break a Leg!!