Refinery29 Shows Ballet Some Respect!

The dance world on the internet has been going crazy for the past 24 hours because of a recent video posted by pop culture mega channel, Refinery29. Refinery29 covers all sorts of topics whether it be breaking news, fashion, music, films, etc. In their series called Lucie for Hire, one of the execs. named Lucie tries a new profession for 24 hours. The video causing such a stir stars Lucie training as a professional ballerina for a day.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Rather than splicing together a montage a’la Rocky where Lucie goes from a no-nothing dancer to a pro ballerina, she starts the video by stating that it takes years, nearly a lifetime, to perfect many aspects of ballet and that she will be nowhere near professional by the end of the video. THIS is what has the internet a-buzz.

The respect that Refinery29 has shown, in this small way, to those who dedicate their lives to this art form is rare. And we couldn’t be happier to share the video with you, too!

Watch it here!:

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