Staying In Shape During Your Break

Around this time of the year, most dance studios/academy’s finishing up with their final performances of the season, about to give their final performance, or have already started their short break before the new year begins. In light of that, today’s post is all about keeping yourself in shape during your break. But, first…

 Congratulations. You’ve shown a lot of hard work, dedication and focus to your art. You know the phrase “hard work pays off”, don’t you? Well, let’s reflect on that for a moment. After all of that time and energy spent on your performances, what do you have left? Are you given any kind of award or prize for it? Usually not. Are you rewarded with any special titles? Probably not. So, what do you have to show for it?

At the beginning of the training process, did you have all of the choreography perfectly memorized right away? Of course not! That’s what the rehearsal process is for! You spent day after day and class after class learning the dances and getting better. Everything that you’ve learned is what you have to show for yourself. Everything that you’ve given into your performance is what you have to show for yourself. Your passion, your energy and your hard work is your prize. Please, be proud of yourself. Enjoy your well-deserved break!

A Healthy & Delicious Holiday

Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday where people get over zealous about filling their stomachs to the brink. The holidays are full of tempting sweets that are perfectly fine in moderation. But, don’t go too crazy! Why don’t we pick out a few holiday dishes that are always a hit and won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards.

An Easy Veggie Tree!

Probably the simplest recipe on this small list, this veggie tree will be a massive hit amongst the appetizers. You can decorate it however you want and with whichever veggies you want, too! A veggie or fruit platter will always go over well at any holiday party. And it’s a nice change of pace from all of the heavier food of the season.

The main reasons to bring this dish:

  1. It gives you a fall-back snack when you’ve had enough indulgences.
  2. Your health conscious friends and family will thank you for bringing something THEY CAN ACTUALLY EAT!

Squash Cranberry and Feta

Is your mouth watering yet? This simple, three-ingredient dish makes for an amazing side dish that’s packed with flavor! This is yet another simple and quick recipe that takes a minimal amount of ingredients and remains a party hit year after year. The combination of the sweetness of the cranberries with the savory flavors of the feta and the squash is unexpectedly fantastic. Here are a few fun tips!

  1. Use dried cranberries for the sweetest flavor!
  2. Try drizzling the honey after the dish has been baked to keep some of it’s naturally nutritious properties.
  3. If there will be any vegans at your party, the feta cheese can easily be swapped out for another vegan cheese!

For the recipe, click on the image!

Dark Chocolate Dipped Oranges with Sea Salt

If you’ve volunteered to add to the dessert table, this is the ultimate good-and-good-for-you dish. Are oranges delicious? Yes. Is dark chocolate a bittersweet delight? You bet! Does sea salt make the best hint of zing to any dessert? Duh! So, put them together! Use a dipping chocolate, dip the oranges completely or half-way. Sprinkle a small bit of sea salt and let them settle. There you go! All set!

Of course, the full recipe will be available to you by clicking on the image.

This is guaranteed to be the first thing to run out amongst the desserts. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, from the fruit and the chocolate, and savory, from the sea salt and the chocolate (again)!

Everyday Stretches

Make sure that you’re staying limber while you’re on break. There’s nothing worse than coming back to class after a vacation and not being able to move the way you used to. So, make sure that you’re stretching whenever you get a chance to.

Reading a book? You can stretch, too! Watching a movie? You can stretch, too! Folding laundry? You can stretch, too!

Basically, all downtime should have a stretching regiment implemented in.

Just as important as eating well, indulging in moderation, keeping up with your stretching… Make sure that you take some of this time off to relax, recuperate and be proud of all of the hard work you’ve put into your season. We, here at Plainfield Dance Academy, hope you enjoy your break. You deserve it.

Passion ~ Dedication ~ Artistry