Student Spotlight: Miro Pljevaljcic

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you’d like to get to know the dancers who embody the attitude of Plainfield Dance Academy, let’s begin with Miro Pljevaljcic!

Miro’s been a student with Plainfield Dance Academy since December of 2015 and he’s quite the Renaissance man when it comes to the types of dance he practices! Not only does he study ballet but he’s also enrolled in Contemporary, Ballroom and Character, too! He’s also in the student choir at his school! Does this guy love to perform or what?! He’s always early to arrive for class and he walks out of each class having clearly given it all of his energy.

Every time he comes to the studio, he’s ready to greet you with a smile, a hello, and a small story about his day so far. It’s rare to find him in any mood other than cheery. If there’s anything he’s unsure about, whether it’s the schedule, a technique or where an absent student might be, Miro always has a question to ask. He’s extremely outgoing, friendly and is constantly on the hunt to learn as much as he can about… well, everything!

But, other than the obvious positivity he brings to the studio, why are we focusing today’s Student Spotlight on him?

On Sunday, October 22nd, Plainfield Dance Academy held an Open House event in which Parents, friends and the general public were invited to check out our facilities, see the debut of our BRAND NEW 3RD STUDIO and see a special performance by our Plainfield Dance Academy Company dancers! After the performance and still during the event, one our moms saw a wonderful candid moment and shared the sweet moment with us.



   In the brand new studio, Miro was teaching another student’s little brother, Liam, some techniques that’s he’s learned. Miro was very patient with Liam and helped him learn how to stand, foot placement and other techniques. The two laughed as Liam tried to follow Miro’s easy instruction. In that moment, Miro displayed the three pillars of our mission at P.D.A. Passion– Miro shows others his love of dance not only by performing but, by sharing that passion through teaching others. Dedication– He dedicates all of his attention in class by asking questions when he needs help and using his time before class to prepare for his lesson that day. Artistry– Through his various creative outlets, Miro uses dance as a form of expression, a way of entertaining others and a way of connecting with others like Liam.

Thanks for showing others what P.D.A. is all about, Miro! Way to go!