You Know You’re A Dancer If…

It’s no surprise that dancers, no matter the genre, live in a special world separate from the rest of us! They have their own style, lingo and memories that the rest of us can’t really begin to understand. It’s kind of like going away to summer camp and then trying to retell stories to your friends from home. Everything seems to be have a “you had to be there” vibe. So, it’s only natural that some of the best moments are shared among other dancers.

If you’re a fan of YouTube, and who isn’t, then there are more than a few awesome videos with dancers being their key audience. Buzzfeed absolutely killed it with their video 13 Weird Things Former Dancers Do and Refinery29 shows us some cringe-worthy moves with Lucie Fink Trains Like A Professional Ballerina. There is, however, a different kind of video meant specifically for dancers that are more relatable than any other more professionally polished video out there. Yes, we’re talking about the S**t People Say trend from 2012.

This trend took YouTube by storm in early 2012, giving audiences a peek into the lives and inside jokes of different lifestyles, ethnicities and interests of people around the world. All videos were done in humor and good faith and the most popular seemed to be those focusing on those involved in various sports. So, of course, OUR favorites are all of the s**t people say videos made by dancers. Here’s one that we just can’t stop laughing at! S**t Dancers NEVER Say!

We hope you laugh as hard as we did!

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