Your Winter Dance Bag

It’s important to keep your dance bag packed and well-stocked all throughout the year. Your dance bag is going to be your holy grail item to have with you in rehearsals. This is where you keep your must-have items to help you stay in shape and adequately prepared for your class/workout. The usual list for a dance bag is as follows:

  • water bottle
  • snacks
  • leotard
  • tights
  • bobby pins
  • deodorant
  • sweat towel
  • hair ties
  • dance shoes
  • phone charger
  • wallet
  • lip balm/chapstick
  • Advil/Ibuprofen
  • personal hygiene products

Of course, every dance bag varies depending on the dancer. So, the list above is really a very basic idea of what should be in a dancer’s rehearsal bag.

As the weather change and becomes dryer and colder, your day-to-day necessities are going to change, too. And the things you keep in your bag are going to change a bit. Let’s take a look at what you should add to your checklist for your dance bag, shall we?

  • hand lotion/body lotion
    • Colder weather tends to dry out a person’s skin. So, keeping your skin well moisturized will help you to continue to move effortlessly.
  • leg-warmers
    • Remember our last post? Leg -warmers are a dancer’s best friend during fall and winter. So, stock up!
  • booties
    • Stop giggling, you goof. I’m talking about those little boots that you wear outside of rehearsal to keep your feet warm!
  • sweatshirt/hoodie
    • This one doesn’t really need explaining but, here it goes anyway. Regardless of how much you sweat during your class, you’re still going to have to keep your body warm. So, do it.
  • tissues
    • With fall and winter comes the sniffles. The cold and flu viruses run rampant around this time and it’s best to be well-stocked with the necessities.
  • cough drops
    • Do you happen to remember what we said in the last post about sore throats? Keeping your throat healthy is a MAJOR factor in keeping yourself healthy altogether.

Is there anything else we need to add to our list? What do YOU keep in your dance bag? Leave your suggestions in the comments!